Rangers Wi-Fi firm fail to have £300k arrested from club

The legal dispute is over the Wi-Fi system at Ibrox. Picture: John Devlin
The legal dispute is over the Wi-Fi system at Ibrox. Picture: John Devlin
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Rangers Wi-Fi providers have failed in a bid to have £300k ring-fenced from club accounts over an unpaid debt.

802 Works Limited are locked in a legal dispute with Rangers over the installation of a Wi-Fi system at Ibrox Stadium.

The IT firm claim the club refused to pay £300k due for the service. They were trying to have the sum safeguarded from the club’s bank accounts in case Rangers became insolvent before the conclusion of the case.

802 Works were initially granted an arrestment warrant on December 31. However, that has now been removed after they were unsuccessful in attempts to shows that Rangers were in immediate danger of becoming insolvent.

Lawyers for the company argued at Glasgow Sheriff Court that the internet service worked until Rangers had their service cut by Virgin Media over non-payment of bills.

The club paid the first two installments before withholding the final payment on the £900k total bill.

Rangers are claiming the company broke the terms of the contract by providing a service that could only cater for less than 10,000 people, rather than the 45,000 that usually pack out Ibrox.

802 Works state the club knew the capabilities of the service before it was installed.

The ongoing case is not expected to be concluded until well into next season.

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