Rangers owe me money, says Imran Ahmad

Imran Ahmad: Seeks �500,000. Picture: PA
Imran Ahmad: Seeks �500,000. Picture: PA
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On A day when two Rangers directors departed, a blast from their recent past returned in the guise of Imran Ahmad, the former commercial director, and his preliminary hearing against the club in the Court of Session.

Having initially claimed that he was owed £3.4 million as part of a bonus on £67m worth of commercial business, Ahmad is now seeking £500,000. His position was described, by Rangers’ legal team, as “breathtaking in its audacity.”

Counsel representing Ahmad say that his claim is based on a letter written by the former chief executive, Charles Green. Ewan Campbell, representing Ahmad, said in the preliminary hearing that Green had “applied authority” when he wrote the letter given that he was chief executive at the time.

Alan Summers, the Rangers QC, said in reply that the letter was an “independent, unilateral exercise of power by a CEO” to give away £500,000. He added that the argument made by Ahmad’s legal team was “breathtaking in its audacity”.

The judge said that a procedural hearing would be held in December.