Rangers: Green and Whyte audio clip emerges

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AN audio clip apparently recorded in secret has revealed further discussions that took place between Craig Whyte and Charles Green.

• Audio clip, which contains strong language, reveals further talks between Craig Whyte and Charles Green

Charles Green and Craig Whyte. Pictures: SNS

Charles Green and Craig Whyte. Pictures: SNS

• Further doubt cast on extent of business dealings between former chief executive and Whyte

Green, who quit as Rangers chief executive last month after allegations surrounding his business dealings with Whyte, is heard apparently briefing the former Rangers owner on a deal for the club.

In the short clip, Green says: “You’ve had to make a decision, and their story’s so compelling, I’ve convinced you. Now, I might’ve conned you stupid, but you had to make a decision didn’t you.”

He also says: “On the basis of what you heard from Blue Knights, Miller, and with respect to you Brian, this is a seriously different deal. So you’ve backed it.”

The date, origin and source of the clip are unknown. The identity of the Brian referred to is also unclear.

Green resigned from Rangers after an inquiry was launched by the club over alleged links to Whyte, who has launched a legal battle against Green over who owns Rangers.

Whyte claims Green was appointed as the face of a consortium put together by Whyte to buy Rangers post-liquidation, an allegation Green denies.

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