Rangers chief reveals ‘lot of money’ spent fixing ‘dilapidated’ Ibrox

Dave King says a number of repairs have been made around Ibrox Stadium. Picture: John Devlin
Dave King says a number of repairs have been made around Ibrox Stadium. Picture: John Devlin
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Dave King claims the Rangers board have spent significant funds of money repairing a once “dilapidated” Ibrox Stadium.

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The club’s chairman, speaking after the Rangers AGM, says he wouldn’t even describe the work that has been carried out as ‘improving’ the famous ground, but instead getting it back to acceptable levels of standard.

King, who successfully wrestled control of the club at an Emergency General Meeting over two-and-a-half years ago, hinted that Ibrox had been allowed to fall into disrepair by previous regimes.

In December 2015, a home match against Dumbarton had be delayed by ten minutes while 740 fans were moved from an area in the Govan Stand after material on the roof came loose.

In addition to fixing the roofs, there have been several other odd jobs carried out around the stadium to keep it up to scratch.

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He told Rangers TV: “A lot of the work we’ve done over the last couple of years has not rightly been termed ‘improvements’. I think what we’ve done is refurbishing and repairing a stadium that had become dilapidated to get it back to being fit for purpose and something Rangers fans should be proud of.

“We’ve spent a lot of money on that side and we’ve already committed another several million to improving it. There are areas - roofs, within the stands, painting - a hole bunch of things that we need to be doing there.”

King would go on to say there are plans to improve not only the stadium in the future, but to redevelop the area around Ibrox in order to make attending games a more appealing proposition for the club’s supporters.

He added: “We’ve got some very ambitious plans, both on our own and for project 2022. We’re looking at complete improvement and refurb of the surrounds of the ground and really redeveloping the stadium completely. That would be a very, very significant improvement in terms of the matchday experience for fans.”

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