Joey Barton hits out at Mark Warburton over ‘strange’ ban

Rangers manager Mark Warburton (right) with Joey Barton after the loss to Celtic. Picture: SNS
Rangers manager Mark Warburton (right) with Joey Barton after the loss to Celtic. Picture: SNS
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Joey Barton says he won’t apologise for passionately wanting Rangers to win after the club issued what he described as a ‘strange’ ban following a dressing room bust-up.

It was reported yesterday that Barton has been told to stay away from the club until Monday after he reportedly clashed with team-mate Andy Halliday and boss Mark Warburton.

The club are still reeling from the 5-1 loss to Celtic on Saturday and have been plunged further into crisis following this incident.

The midfielder insists he has “no issue” with Halliday and the clash was only about wanting Rangers to win. He also stressed that he remains fully committed to Rangers despite the suspension.

However, in a conversation with TalkSport this morning, Barton hit out at his manager, describing as ban from Rangers as “strange”.

He said: “I don’t believe I’ve done anything to apologise for. It’s the tone of language I’ve used [that was the problem].

“But the way it’s been handled is strange.

“Obviously sometimes the way I communicate can be a bit blunt, a bit direct, and it ruffles people’s feathers, which I know I have to work at, but I don’t apologise for trying to win.

“When you look at my history and you’re told to stay away from the club, it does look like something more has happened, and that’s why I’ve decided to get on the radio and speak.”

When asked by presenter Jim White why Halliday wasn’t suspended, Barton explained: “Because Andy stopped on the training ground.

“The manager pulled me in afterwards and asked me to explain what I’d said and I’d told him in no certain terms where I believed it to be at.

“So he’s saying I need to go away and think things through. Whilst I didn’t agree with that, he’s the manager of the football club and I have to accept that.”

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