Fans react after Rangers unveil new Hummel kits for 2018/19 season

The Gers will play in a white away kit with red and blue diagonal stripes. Picture: Rangers FC
The Gers will play in a white away kit with red and blue diagonal stripes. Picture: Rangers FC
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Rangers have finally unveiled their new kits - designed by Hummel - for the 2018/19 Scottish football season.

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The unveiling showed off a traditional royal blue home kit, a white away jersey with a red and blue diagonal stripe, and a predominantly mandarin orange third kit.

Rangers fans were, on the whole, very receptive to the new strips, though rival fans were quick to question the choice of colour and/or design.


@Pena_Cartel: “Those are absolutely tremendous, and the proper shade of blue.”

@rfcfee: “Never been as excited about our kit launch for a long time, I love them all.”

@MedicMeme: “I would love a release date so I can spend all my money on them, please take my money please.”

@djwhyte11: “Nicest kits we have ever had I think.”

@_stuhamilton: “Just can’t shake the love for an excellent home jersey mate. All the kits are toppers but the home is always special.”

@WatpJack: “White top is potentially my favourite ever.”

@LPW1968: “That orange top is a thing of beauty.”

@Nath_RFC: “Firecracker, that’s a new way of saying orange.”

@_hayleyoliver: “Anyone else’s bf keep sending them pictures of the new rangers kit. Ok it’s orange and u want it, I get it.”

@rhysmgale: “Genuinely feel sorry for the Hummel staff processing the orders when the Rangers kit is released poor f*****s won’t know what’s hit them.”

@ArdyM_: “These new Rangers kits look so much better than anything from the last 10 years. That white away one is an absolute peach! Good job.”


@fridgefixer: “Embarrassing to Scottish football and the world but that’s Rangers for you, the hits keep on coming.”

@FrPaulStone: “The Rangerso & @hummel1923 kit release is absolutely dripping with hubris. So much so that you’d almost forget their liquidation and regular 3rd place finishes.”

@Green_Curve67: “Gers saying Celtic fans are raging.. It’s amazing how they confuse laughter with anger, genuinely don’t know one Celtic fan who is raging... It must be why their faces are always in a state of perma rage... Keep chasing Sevco.”

@marcmcardle1: “Yeah, I’m sure Hummel and Rangers just really liked the colour. No other reason.”

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