Best Twitter responses to that Rangers statement

Police form a cordon as Hibs fans invade the pitch at the final whistle after winning the Scottish Cup final. Picture: Getty
Police form a cordon as Hibs fans invade the pitch at the final whistle after winning the Scottish Cup final. Picture: Getty
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Rangers, angered by what they felt was a lack of adequate response to their players being attacked after the full time whistle in Saturday’s Scottish Cup final, decided to release a controversial statement attacking everyone from Hibs to the First Minister.

As expected there was a fervent reaction on social media when the statement was released. We’ve picked out the best responses from Twitter since the statement dropped.

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@euangtaylor: “If we defended corners as well as we defend the club from daft journalists and politicians we’d have won yesterday.”

@missteeray: “So now the media and others concentrate on criticising Rangers’ statement rather than condemn the behaviour of Hibs fans.”

@ToryglenRSC1872: “It takes a special kind of sickness to see Rangers as the bad guys for demanding decency after their team was attacked on the park.”


@simy17: “Just to be clear to The Rangers fans. NOTHING has or will ever ‘take the shine off’ of that Scottish Cup win. Try as you may. #Hibees”

@HibsNews1875: “Rangers further criticising media groups for there comments about the Hibs fans. No mention of Rangers sectarian abuse, flares, etc.”

@AaronTRMcGinn: “That Rangers statement is the most cringeworthy, embarrassing and pathetic moment in the last 20 years of Scottish football.”


@MichaelGannon: “Everyone in Scottish fitba needs to go to their rooms and count to 10.”

@aHellofaBeating: “The only thing Rangers had to do after game was to keep quiet. Now only sympathy for players involved in the troubles. Spectacular own goal.”

@DMAnthonyJoseph: “Rangers’ statement is bizarre. Who glossed over the aftermath of the cup final? Only so many times you can say that it was shameful scenes.”

@PeterAdamSmith: “Why is it so hard for Rangers & Hibs to say “nobody should have been on that park being mindlessly violent - we’ll ban our own offenders”?”


@stufarquhar: “Whoever gave the job of writing Rangers’ statements to Bomber Brown should get a knighthood for services to comedy.”

@oldfirmfacts1: Rangers statement digested:

No-one likes us

Yer Da



‘Mainstream Mhedia’

Something about Nicola Sturgeon

We don’t care


Hibs: “We just won our first SC since 1902 and everyone is calling us the bad guys. What’ll we do?”

Rangers: “Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

@PeeTeePeeTee: “If that official Rangers statement was a person it would be Gordon Sawers.”

@CelticScoop: “Fully expecting Rangers to release another statement saying “Ignore my last post, my account got hacked LOL”

@Alan_Machnik: “New statement from Rangers points an accusatory finger at The Proclaimers, Isa from Still Game & the Moon’s position in relation to Jupiter.”

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