Best Twitter responses to Mark Warburton leaving Rangers

Mark Warburton has left Rangers after (not) resigning. Picture: Michael Gillen
Mark Warburton has left Rangers after (not) resigning. Picture: Michael Gillen
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Scottish football Twitter blew up last night as it was announced Mark Warburton, David Weir and Frank McParland would be leaving Rangers.

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Things were then turned up a notch when Warburton claimed he knew nothing of his supposed resignation. As the story progressed through the night and into this morning, social media was awash with comment, debate and jokes - so, so many jokes.

We’ve collated the best for you...


@BattleFeverOn: “Pretty funny that we ended up saving £700,000 because Warburton tried to go to the only more dysfunctional football club in Britain.”

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

@jimmymacgers: “The only people that never let down Rangers are the fans. We deserve better.”

@Gerslad1690: “Warbs has gone out to s***w the club and the club stands firm after it back fires. Amazed that Davie weir is in the same boat but?”

@Follow_Follow_: “It hardly needs saying but the board have a big responsibility and huge task re next permanent manager. Let’s not look back.”

@NewLiviRSC: “I can just imagine Ethel Smith throwing Walter’s mobile over the back fence then unlplugging the house phone as we speak...”

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter


@NeilCameron5: “Warbs , if you’re reading this; Traynor sacked me loads as well. He’ll calm down in a bit.”

@Kenny_Millar: “Only yesterday afternoon that Mark Warburton used words like ‘nonsense’ and ‘mischievous’ to describe the Frank McParland exit story.”

@alanftemple: “Can someone ask John Hughes what is going on at Rangers. Someone IN THE TRADE really needs to decipher this.”

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

@SkySports_Keith: “Shows how much Mark Warburton felt he needed to leave Rangers that he would accept the Nottingham Forest job - a club in turmoil.”

@BBCTomEnglish: “Rangers is a dysfunctional club. In a different way to before, but still dysfunctional. Some in there know it but have done nothing about it.”

@gerrymcculloch1: “All of a sudden Mark Warburton needs the media. The irony.”

@mrewanmurray: “Mark Warburton has to do a Rowan Alexander and turn up on Sunday, only to be turned away at the front door.”


@Rikos67_: “Scenes when Rangers appoint Barry Ferguson who chases wee guys around the cereal aisle at Morrisons.”

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

@ryan2tomson: “The lights will go off on Sunday, undertakers music will come on, lights back on, boom ally McCoist standing there wai his garden gloves on”

@MarkoftheRennie: “Just back from my interview for Rangers’ new social media editor. Had to prepare a mock press release. Think it’s gone well.”

@Duncan_Moir: “Warburton potentially in line for the Forest job. Seems harsh on McCoist, who had to make do with the garden.”

@Oldfirmfacts1: “Warburton leaving: unconfirmed

“Rangers account hacked: unconfirmed

“Rangers currently an absolute joke: confirmed.”

@VintageDxvis: “’We will learn from this experience and come back stronger’ - Warburton speaking after a failed resignation.”

@UkuleleKev: “Warburton is Magic

“He wears a magic hat

“Rangers accept his resignation

“And he knows nothing about that.”

@jamesdoleman: “Perhaps Warburton only resigned from the company?”

@CeresArabs: “It’s all very simple & straightforward, Warburton has resigned from the company, not the club. He’ll now be known as The Mark Warburton.”

@Mitch_Al: “Respect to Mark Warburton for trying the full Costanza.”

@ForzaPapac: “Rangers: dignified and clear club statement.

“Inner Rangers: cause absolute f*****g chaos.”

@superteds: “All we need now is Gazza turning up at Ibrox with his fishing rod.”

@EHDMJU: “MW - Plan A, resign.

“DW - What’s Plan B?

“MW - Plan B is to do Plan A better.

“DW - But...

“MW - Look, don’t worry about the details”

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Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter