Best Twitter responses to Joey Barton’s Rangers ban

Joey Barton's Rangers future hangs in the balance. Picture: SNS
Joey Barton's Rangers future hangs in the balance. Picture: SNS
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There’s rarely a dull moment with Joey Barton around.

The midfielder, never one to shy away from controversy, has been given a temporary ban by Rangers after getting into a training ground bust-up with team-mate Andy Halliday.

The news broke last night and since then Barton has been busy giving his side of the story, first tweeting out a lengthy statement and then appearing on TalkSport, where he called the ban handed down by Mark Warburton “strange”.

Unsurprisingly, social media has been alight with fans discussing the latest Ibrox drama. Here is the pick of the lot from Twitter over the last 24 hours.


@JJBRD_89: “No problem with passion in a dressing room. But if it comes down to Joey Barton or Andy Halliday, theres only one winner. #16”

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

@SpatestonBear2: “I’m not Barton’s biggest fan but he’s a Rangers player so will continue to back him. Arguing in training isn’t something new.”

@CraigAtTheTop: “I remember Keevins saying that Barton being up here will be fantastic for the media. Only 5 games in, and already the circus is in motion.”

@csljm84@: “Barton is not bigger than Rangers but neither is the golden boy. Lets not turn on any of our players and support them the best we can.”


@Mcginty_Bhoy: “Barton clinging onto the fact he got MOTM against Hamilton. They gave you that so they could interview you about a **** rangers display.”

@CollectCelticFC: “Joey Barton on Talksport. To me that looks like Warburton and @level5pr have lost control of situation.”

@paullarkin74: “I imagine Warburton fainted when Barton criticised him. Be the first time he’s had any to his face in Scotland.”

@docccs: “This whole Joey Barton thing is brilliant for Celtic, totally deflects from the embarrassment in Barcelona. Special agent Joey at it again.”


@IL_Official: “Barton’s p****** me off now. He apologised last night should’ve been the end of it. Now he’s parading in media with different stories.”

@theexuberator: “Might be on my own but I don’t give a damn what Barton said on the radio, the fact is he’s now acting bigger than the club. Not on IMO.”

@mygransforte: “Joey Barton should be apologising for how he’s performed on the park, instead of what he’s said off it.”


@raebykcalb: “Just listened to Barton’s talksport piece. He’s not said much wrong at all. People seem to be just lookin for excuses to have a dig at him.”

@Rangers54c: “Everything Joey Barton said on Talksport was bang on. He only wants Rangers to win and everyone needs to get their finger out.”

@MartinBlair72: “The full team was shocking apart from windass last Saturday but Barton gets made a scapegoat. McKay was missing, Miller brought nothing.”


@TheBazBowski: “I reckon Barton has it in him to come good. He was named to Championship PFA team of the year so he must be able to do something right.”

@McBookie: “Is Joey Barton talking his way out of Ibrox? 3/1 Not to play for Rangers again.”

@NewcoTed: “Regardless of what’s been said, I think Joey Barton’s drafted his own contract termination by going on Talksport.”

@TheBazBowski: “I really hope Barton comes good. One positive from this is he’ll now have to battle for his position instead of walking into starting 11.”


@gerrymcculloch1: “Joey Barton conducts himself in exactly the way Rangers (and Celtic) cannot public. More power to you, Sir.”

@jonnythegreek: “Listened to Joey Barton/Jim White love-in. Confirmed - Joey is a whole interesting bunch of guys. Never know which one will turn up.”

@JimSpenceSport: “They’re talking about Joey Barton on talk sport. He sounds like Mother Theresa.”

@The_Tman10: “I think Joey Barton should look at his own performance first and foremost before he starts laying into his team-mates. No credibility.”


@DBhoyo: “Joey Barton: “This has changed the landscape a bit”. You’re right, Joey. That’s both sides of the city that hate you now.”

@PhantomL5088: “Barton: “I’ve had altercations with teammates before, this is nothing on that scale.” Translation: At least I never stubbed a fag in his eye

@jordanneary: “Sean Dyche’s management of Joey Barton looks nothing short of miraculous now.”

@AllyMacabre: “Joey Barton would have got away with it if it wasn’t for Lee Wallace...”

@CraigSmithhh1: “Joey Barton’s turn on the iPod dock in the changing room didn’t go down to well when Broad Black Brimmer came on.”

@Sduncs@: “Can’t wait for the press release from Rangers that it was the Hibs fans that caused the altercation between Joey Barton & Andy Halliday.”

@BrucesWell: “When rangers said they were “going for 55”, did they mean statements?”

@Oldfirmfacts1: “Rangers rubbish rumours of a Joey Barton training ground bust-up, insisting ‘if you saw the Celtic game you’d know he’s got no fight in him’.”

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