Best Twitter reactions to Rangers suspending Kenny Miller & Lee Wallace

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Yet more explosive news emerged from Ibrox on Monday evening as it was reported that Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller were suspended by the club over a bust-up with manager Graeme Murty.

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This followed Sunday’s fall-out between Alfredo Morelos and Greg Docherty, making it a tumultuous couple of days even by Rangers’ recent standards.

As usual, the punters had plenty to say about it on social media. We’ve picked out a selection of the best tweets...

@keldo5: “Woke up and it’s no surprise to see fans all arguing over Miller/Wallace. And it’ll be like this til we play Hearts now. Even if they do tell Murty to stand down folk will still be losing it and venting in the wrong direction.”

@air_ingy: “Amazing how often Dons disappointments are followed by light (blue) relief. Given Craig Levein’s current penchant for aging former Rangers, would not be surprised to see Lee Wallace at Hearts. As for Kenny Miller, at 38 years old you have to wonder whether this is it.”

Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace prior to Sunday's game. Picture: Getty

Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace prior to Sunday's game. Picture: Getty

@st2oh: “If Wallace is suspended for having a go at Murty after that performance then they may as well suspend all the punters for the Hearts game.”

@Zeee1702: “If rumours are true about Wallace & Miller and the dressing room bust ups between players aren’t solved then Hearts could end up giving us a battering on Sunday made worse when 50,000 raging fans get on the players backs even more.. needs sorted now.”

@PhantomFGAU: “Just been scudded by the poorest Celtic side in decades, weak youth coach is in charge and no obvious plan to progress. It’s clear for all to see that we need another wee fan committee set up to argue over twitter all day about the minutes from their last tedious meeting.

@RangersMedia: “The good news is Carlos Pena may be on the way back...”

@ibroxrocks: “The board, in trying to back the dead man walking that is Murty, have simply sealed his fate and created two martyrs. Supporters will back them a la Fergie v PLG, and Murty - who looks an emotional wreck as it is - is not going to be able to handle the monstering.”

@Gary_A_Hamilton: “Miller and Wallace undermine yet another manager, I find it astounding how highly regarded these pair are amongst most fans. Regardless of what they or anyone else thinks of the boss, you don’t behave like that & expect there not to be any repercussions.”

@RangersShirts: “Wallace and Miller should be backed over an under 20s coach who just masterminded one of our worst ever cup performances. Our captain who sacrificed a lot to stay at our club and King Kenny who’s done more than most. Their contributions won’t be forgotten.”

@BenWilson66: “Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace haven’t kicked a ball all season, who cares if they are suspended?”

@RossMitchell83: “Scapegoats. That’s what Miller and Wallace are. It deflects from Sunday it deflects from Murty and it certainly deflects from the board. There has never been a bigger gap between club and fans. A board that doesn’t care enough about fans who care too much.”

@nick_gallacher: “Warburton with Barton, Murty with Miller & Wallace: Weak managers think suspensions are a show of strength. If you had a backbone you’d show you’re the man in the situation the next day in training.”

@paddypower: “Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace have been suspended by Rangers after an argument with manager Graeme Murty. According to reports, Miller thought he’d got away with it, but Lee Wallace grassed him up.”

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