10 best questions of the Rangers AGM

Greg McKnight, James Blair, Andrew Dickson, Stewart Robertson, Mark Warburton, Dave King, Paul Murray, John Gilligan, John Bennett and Graeme Park. Picture: SNS
Greg McKnight, James Blair, Andrew Dickson, Stewart Robertson, Mark Warburton, Dave King, Paul Murray, John Gilligan, John Bennett and Graeme Park. Picture: SNS
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The best bits from AGMs, regardless of club, are always when the floor is opened up for supporters to ask questions. Craig Fowler picks his favourites.

Title stripping

After being asked about the issue, the Rangers board were clear no title stripping was likely to take place as there is no legal recourse to do so.

Since BDO are apparently appealing the Big Tax Case verdict, expect this to be a question which is asked at every AGM from now until a couple of years after the end of civilisation.

Ibrox naming rights

One rightly concerned fan asked whether Mike Ashley held the right to rename Ibrox should he wish to do so. Dave King said he did not.

Which is just as well, Rangers fans wouldn’t take too kindly to attending games at the Mike Ashley #1 Winky-Face Emoji Arena.


OK, this supporter has been laughed at a little for enquiring about the cost of pies when there were more pressing matters which needed addressing at the AGM.

However, as all fans know, the price of pies at football grounds is a little ridiculous. And they’re not even great pies half the time.

If this man wants more value for his money then who are we to mock his question?

Women on the board

A left-field but no less pertinent question was asked about the lack of a female voice on the Rangers board. Rangers fans, and football fans in general, are not exclusively male and it’s only right that female fans should feel represented at the highest level of the club. Dave King, to his credit, said it was something he’d look into.

Fans and soft loans

The intricacies of soft loans were queried and whether fans could contribute towards them as opposed to buying into a share issue, which cannot happen at present. King said there was no need since Rangers will be debt free once Sports Direct is paid back, but he’s got to be pretty happy with such a vote of confidence from the eager-to-help supporters.


The board claimed to have carried out an “investigation” after the club was omitted from this year’s version of Fifa, the video game, when prompted on the subject. Seriously guys, just customize the players in last year’s version. Name: James Tavernier; shot power 99, shot accuracy 99. Easy.


Someone wanted to know why the fans could no longer get Wi-Fi. The answer was, simply, it wasn’t working. That’s a shame. There is working Ethernet cables in the press box, however.

Newspapers and reporters ban

One fan wanted to know if the board were considering banning certain members of the media or reporters, because every fan of every club in every country in every team sport thinks the media doesn’t give their favourites fair coverage. Nobody realises this, and nobody ever will.

Sports Direct deal

One concerned parent did not want to give his money to Mike Ashley, quite rightly, though he felt obliged to buy his soon-to-be 15-year-old son the latest top, and asked whether the Sports Direct deal would soon expire. The Rangers board could not answer.

A good compromise would be to buy him the 1992/93 Champions League-run shirt, before sitting down and explaining to the young lad that retro tops are much cooler anyway.

Scottish football TV deals

One supporter wanted to know why Rangers’ prize money for finishing second in the Ladbrokes Championship wasn’t more lucrative since they provided a higher percentage of crowds than other clubs.

On that point, why did Dunfermline not receive similar prize money for finishing 7th in League One last season as Hamilton did for placing in the same spot two divisions up, asked no-one, ever.