Hearts: Budge needs time to complete deal

Anne Budge: Legal process. Picture: TSPL
Anne Budge: Legal process. Picture: TSPL
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ANN Budge has asked Hearts fans to remain patient while the transfer of ownership to her Bidco 1874 company is formalised over the coming weeks.

The prospective owner of Hearts addressed fellow fans yesterday to explain what “a rollercoaster couple of weeks” has meant for the club, with the transfer of shares from main creditor Ukio Bankas confirmed on Wednesday.

Budge assured fans that she was already working with team management at the club to ensure she would be able to “hit the ground running” as chairman at the start of next season, and is confident that the new ownership structure will be in place by then.

“We are all working very hard to get the final negotiations completed and the associated legal processes finalised. We are all very confident that this work will be completed well before the start of next season to avoid the possibility of any further football sanctions,” said Budge.

“I am also working with the current management team at Tynecastle, to ensure I have a clear understanding of the issues, to allow me to ‘hit the ground running’ in terms of taking over control of the club, when legally allowed to do so.”

Budge also wrote to thank the Tynecastle followers for their support, telling them the process was now “90 per cent complete”.

She added: “I don’t think I need to spell out to anyone that I am a fan and am only doing this as a fan, with the express intention of passing ownership over to the wider supporter base, via FOH [Foundation of Hearts], over the course of the next few years.”