Best Twitter responses to Hearts’ new away strip

Alim Ozturk models the new Hearts away kit while Jamie Walker wears Bobby Walker's shirt
Alim Ozturk models the new Hearts away kit while Jamie Walker wears Bobby Walker's shirt
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Celtic’s shock defeat to Lincoln Red Imps looked set to exclusively dominate the Scottish football agenda - until Hearts had other ideas.

The Tynecastle club chose yesterday to unveil a striking new away kit. In honour of former Prime Minister and Honorary President of Hearts, the 5th Earl of Rosebery, the kit is mainly yellow with pink hoops on the strip.

Due to its usual style, especially for a football top, it quickly had all of Scottish football talking.

Here are a collection of the best responses from social media.


@varivarivari: “I actually heavy like the Hearts away strip. Yes it does remind me of Fruits Salad sweets, which is a plus if anything.”

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

@AontroimBhoy67: “Have to admit. I think the new Hearts away strip is a cracker. Stealing the famous #rosebery Scotland strip.”

@_DannyBain: “Think I’m the only hearts fan who likes the new away strip.”

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Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

@marklightbody1: “That new Hearts/Mr Blobby/Fruit Salad strip. Holy Mother, an embarrassment and then some.”

@WindaeCleaner: “Dear @Hearts_1874 nobody cares about the Roseberry cup. That strip is absolutely Howkin!”

@paulrmacmillan: “I’ve seen in my time some rather shocking football tops but geez that new Hearts away strip is a shocker. Like, really bad.”

@muz1881: “Any Hearts fan that claims they don’t hate that strip is a fan boy happy clapper. Abysmal.”

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

@FraserBlair95: “New hearts away strip putting me in some serious mele, I’ll probably get it though.”


@Fraz117: “At least if you buy the new Hearts away strip you will still be Health and Safety compliant on site.”

@IrvineWelsh: “The only way [Boris] Johnson’s Foreign Secretary credibility could be further undermined is if [Theresa] May forced him to attend meetings wearing the new Hearts strip.”

@nicolhay: “Laugh now, but we’ll all be wearing it ironically in 2039.”

@RobbieForbes1: “If it wasn’t for the fact that my team got beat by taxi drivers last night, I would be laying into that hearts strip.”

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

@dolewaller: “That new hearts away strip would scare the s*** out of Partick thistle’s mascot.”

@meestah_sahmon: “As a colour blind gentleman who’s retinas haven’t been attached since 1984 I can say with some confidence that the new Hearts kit is lovely.

@jpmof: “Hearts have released an away strip to commemorate their success in the Rosebery Cup. Look forward to next season’s “Tennant’s Sixes” strip.”

@AlanMeikle: “The next Hearts away top will be green with white sleeves as a tribute to the pitch and goalposts at Hampden in 1956.”

@RFBorthwick: “My favourite part of the Hearts’ strip article is when they say the pink is “horizontal stripes” instead of just saying hoops.”

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