Rumour Mill: Charles Green | Craig Whyte

Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte. Picture: SNS
Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte. Picture: SNS
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RANGERS chief executive Charles Green dominates today’s Rumour Mill, as he defends claims made against him by former Sheffield United manager Dave Bassett and hits back at threats of legal action from former owner Craig Whyte

Don’t trust Charles Green, warns Dave Bassett

Former Sheffield United manager Dave Bassett has launched an attack on Charles Green, claiming the Rangers chief executive is untrustworthy and power-hungry.

Bassett, who was manager of the Blades between 1988-1995 before being sacked by Green, said that the Ibrox chief left “dead bodies” in his three-year spell at the club, mirroring the exodus of Rangers staff that has included striker Francisco Sandaza, physio Neil Murray and physio Phillip Yeates, among others.

Another unidentified source added of Green: “He’d try pull the wool over the manager’s eyes and get people in who are trustworthy in his view so he has the relationship rather than the manager. It’s his only way of getting an ‘in’ into the playing side.

“You’ve got to be careful where Charles is concerned. In the end the power goes to his head. He’ll be caught up with being in charge of Rangers and being in the papers and the TV.”

However, Green defended himself against Bassett’s comments, insisting he was merely doing his job by getting rid of Bassett.

“I read Dave Bassett told Ally McCoist to ‘watch your back.’ That’s totally wrong. The new board wanted a change and my job was to get rid of Dave and appoint a new manager. Unfortunately, that is what chief execs do. My first job was to get rid of a legend - it would be like sacking Ally McCoist or Walter Smith here.” (Daily Record)

Charles Green blasts “google-eye” Craig Whyte in TV rant

Rangers chief executive Charles Green has branded former owner Craig Whyte as a “google-eye” on live television as he sought to discredit claims made by the ex-Rangers owner about the nature of Green’s takeover. According to The Sun, Whyte claims Green wrestled control of the club illegally, and is prepared to launch legal action to return to the helm at Ibrox.

But Green, speaking on Sky Sports News yesterday, said: “Rangers and its fans deserve better than that little google-eye.

He added: “This is complete fantasy from a delusional man who, from the day he walked into Rangers, has done nothing but disrupt it and bring disgrace.” (The Sun)

John Hartson: ‘Swearing as much a part of football as kicking a ball’

John Hartson has backed Neil Lennon’s decision to contest an SFA charge against him for alleged use of abusive language. Writing in The Sun, former Celtic striker Hartson said: “I hope he wins [the appeal] and then forces [the SFA] to change the rules regarding what managers can and can’t say.

“Swearing is as much a part of football as kicking the ball. Everyone does it. Players, managers, supporters.

“It’s ridiculous Neil could end up being banned for something somebody overheard.” (The Sun)

Meanwhile, Steve Lomas also defended Lennon, arguing that football chiefs risked taking the passion out of the game by punishing Lennon.

“I keep hearing about how sporting rugby players are are yet I also read about eye gouging and the like.

“But they don’t swear so are regarded as gentlemen. It’s strange.

“We have to stop clamping down here, there and everywhere. Swearing is probably inevitable in the heat of the moment. (Daily Record)

McCoist regrets Sandaza exit

Ally McCoist has lamented the manner of Francisco Sandaza’s Rangers exit after the player was sacked for breach of contract. The Spaniard was caught revealing confidential details about his contract in a hoax call, which prompted his axe.

“It goes without saying I’m extremely disappointed it has come to this,” McCoist said.

“But it’s a club decision and I will stick by it.” (The Sun)