Celtic SLO denies inventing Bayern Munich fan email

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Celtic’s supporter liaison officer has denied claims he created a fake email purporting to be from a Bayern Munich fan.

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John Paul Taylor tweeted a screenshot of an email which praised the Parkhead atmosphere on Thursday.

Sent from a Bayern fan calling himself Urs, it read: “In times of commercialisation, lost traditions, devaluing the spirit of sports and particularly football, you all showed us on Tuesday what the true essence of club football and support is.

“Amazing, wonderful, unique, warm, friendly, sportsmanship, enthusiasm. All that I felt as away fan of Bayern.

“Thank you all for the reception at the airport, the friendly faces in the high street, the stadium atmosphere.

Bayern Munich fans before Tuesday night's game. Picture: SNS

Bayern Munich fans before Tuesday night's game. Picture: SNS

“We will never forget.”

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It has been retweeted over 1,000 times, though the authenticity of the content has been called into question by Rangers supporters.

They pointed to the fact that, in the screenshot, John Paul Taylor’s email address is visible at the top and his email signature at the bottom. Typically, this would indicate he sent the email to himself.

The Hoops SLO admits that’s exactly what he’s done, but only as a quick-fire way of keeping Urs’ email address private from users on Twitter.

After a fellow Celtic supporter pointed this out, he replied: “You would be correct but it seems to have given some people a wee laugh and that’s ok, maybe they’ve not had much to laugh about lately.”

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