Best Twitter responses to news Ronny Deila to leave Celtic

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Celtic today announced the impending departure of manager Ronny Deila to the surprise of nobody. The Norwegian has been under pressure for some time and many, correctly, assumed Sunday’s loss to Rangers was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Despite this, there was still a fervent reaction on social media when the statement was released. We’ve picked out the best responses from Twitter throughout the day.

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@kraljski: “Leaches in the board room. Snakes in the dressing room. Dummys on the dressing room floor. Next appointment’s crucial. Good luck Ronny Deila”

@CelticLiam88: “How many open goals or penalties did Ronny deila miss on Sunday? Not his biggest fan but our players need to take some of the blame here too.”

Deila will step down as manager of Celtic this summer. Picture: PA

Deila will step down as manager of Celtic this summer. Picture: PA

@MaleysBhoys: “Have to wish Ronny Deila all the very best for the future. It would be naive of anyone to pin all of the problems we’ve faced on him alone.”

@BrendanHusebo: “Who did Ronny Deila wilfully and happily sign for Celtic other than Erik Sviatchenko and Kristoffer Ajer?”

@Jenky67: “Look forward to Ronny Deila guiding Elfsborg to victory over us in Champions League qualifying in a few years time.”


@johndcgow: “Ronny Deila will have won every league title he entered. One loss to Rangers and he’s gone. #itsallabouttherangers”

@afleming1769: “Have to say I’m gutted RD is leaving parkhead. I’m starting a Ronny Deila must stay campaign. All retweets welcome.”

@_R_W_B_: “Rangers Fans should meet at Glasgow airport when Deila is departing and give him a Guard of honour.”


@BBCjsutherland: “Ronny Deila a thoroughly decent and positive person. Always faced up to the difficult questions. Time for a new start for him and Celtic.”

@NeilCameron5: “Ronny Deila has conducted himself with great dignity. A decent and honest man. A pleasure to deal with.”

@STVGrant: “Curious that it is Ronny Deila himself who has made the call to quit Celtic, rather than a mutual decision.”

@aHellofaBeating: “Be time & place to discuss Deila’s Celtic legacy. For now; Ronny wanted to make club better in every way. Hopefully he’s planted that seed.”


@craig_killie: “Sad to see Ronny removed from his position over something as petty as results despite his excellent track record of talking a good game.”

@CelticBible: “Currently listening to Adele - Someone Like You whilst deleting pictures of Ronny Deila on my phone.

@Fitzy_07: “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. But the very next day, you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears. I’ll give it to Ronny Deila.”

@Oldfirmfacts1: “Ronny Deila to leave Celtic at end of season, having tendered his resignation 5 minutes into the Scottish Cup semi-final.”

@paddypower: “Ronny Deila “leaving” Celtic, similar to how I “left” the nightclub on my 18th birthday, in the arms of the bouncer, covered in vomit.”

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