Best Twitter reactions to news of Patrick Roberts’ Celtic return

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Celtic fans could scarcely be happier. According to numerous sources, Patrick Roberts is on his way back to Parkhead.

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As expected, social media was awash with talk of this impending signing. We’ve sieved through the ol’ timeline to bring you some of the best ones.


@StevieBhoy1985: “Hearing of Patrick Roberts’ imminent return home to Celtic would make a grown man cry with joy.”

@cfkc97: “See the fact Paddy Roberts is so desperate to come to Celtic, instead of somewhere like Saints or Nice, that makes me love him more.”

Moussa Dembele with both halves of Scottish football's favourite bromance. Picture: John Devlin

Moussa Dembele with both halves of Scottish football's favourite bromance. Picture: John Devlin

@StevenTCShearer: “Disappointed it’s a loan though. Was wanting a permanent deal as this time next year we’ll have the same dilemma with Roberts and Armstrong.”

@debstar1888: “Why are folk moaning about Paddy Roberts coming back on loan? I’d be happy if he came back just for a game.”

@Kieran_Celtic: “Bringing Roberts back is great business. Risk free, no transfer fee and 2.5 years service is what you’d expect from a player of his ilk.”

@marc_celtic: “Buzzin about Roberts but am already thinking about him leaving again and us being in the same position.”

@Youngyy_: “Actual feel like a psycho burd checkin Paddy Roberts likes on twitter to see if he’s hinting at coming back pls dae it x”

@melbournebhoy88: “We’re getting Roberts for longer than we had Virgil and Wanyama.”


@Rossco16901: “Patrick Roberts couldny lace Candeias boots.”

@Mad_Dog_Watp: “Exclusive !!! Patrick Roberts obviously isn’t good enough for English football.”

@BlueCitizen007: “Patrick Roberts has no chance at City. Better sell him ASAP. Foden and Diaz ahead of him.”

@MartinClark612: “The whole Patrick Roberts thing is embarrassing. You’d think they were signing Laurdup.”


@Oldfirmfacts1: “’The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem’ - Celtic fans prepare to wean themselves off ‘Announce Paddy Roberts’ tweets.”

@duffster64j: “I won’t believe the Patrick Roberts has signed until Kieran Tierney’s mum has made up the spare bunk-bed.”

@CallumAyr: “If Celtic don’t announce Roberts with him walking through the door and Tierney going “sapnin Paddy”, then what’s the point.”

@_cm1888: “Just imagine how many smiley faces are gettin flung about in Tierney and Roberts’ imessage chat the now.”

@Tommywelsh97: “If that’s Paddy Roberts signed again how ma gonny fill ma days noo if a don’t need tae search his name on Twitter every 20 mins.”

@BrxhimDiaz: “We’ll sell Roberts to Celtic, Southampton will buy him after that and eventually he’ll end up at Liverpool.”

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