Steven Gerrard refuses to look at Rangers job as stepping stone to Liverpool

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard has rejected the assertion that he is using the Ibrox job as a stepping stone to manage Liverpool.

The Englishman has already been touted as a successor to current Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

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Gerrard is a legend at Anfield having played the vast majority of his career at the English giants, captaining the side to Champions League success and starting his coaching career in the academy.

Steven Gerrard has rejected the theory that Rangers are a stepping stone to manage Liverpool. Picture: SNS/Craig Foy

In an in-depth interview with former Liverpool team-mate Jamie Carragher, he refused to acknowledge Rangers as a stepping stone.

Gerrard said: “Liverpool have one of the best managers in the world and are flying high. Just because you have been a successful player does not mean you have the divine right to be next in the queue.”

“Just because you are popular with the fans it does not make you the right man to replace Klopp, if and when he goes.

“It is very presumptuous. It is also disrespectful to Rangers given the size of this club and everything they have gone through to just assume I have come here to learn and use it as a stepping stone to Liverpool. I do not see it like that, although that talk is something I cannot control.

“I am desperate to be successful at Rangers. I understand the size of the club, and how much the fans want success.

“I am committed to it. I am giving everything I have got. Whether that leads to an extension here or on to a different challenge, I don’t know. That would depend on the challenge. But I do not see myself as someone who will end up managing 10 or 12 different clubs, going here there and everywhere and different countries.

“Right now, I just don’t see that. And this job has all my attention.”

Gerrard also opened up about his relationship with Celtic boss Bredan Rodgers.

He recognised that the Northern Irishman is someone he would have contacted for advice but not in his current role with the pair at rival clubs, instead he has sought the wisdom of former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez.

“As my former manager he would have been someone I leaned on just starting in management,” says Gerrard.

“I think it is difficult to do that now. Look, I had a good relationship when it was captain and manager but we never socialised beyond the training ground. You would exchange texts and speak, but it was not like you went for dinner or met for coffee.

“Because of the rivalry he would not want to tell me anything and I would not want to tell him anything. It is impossible to have that relationship with him. But we have exchanged texts on certain occasions over certain things.

“I think people want there to be an issue and problem between us, to see us go fiery, toe-to-toe on the line. Now if that happens in the game, it happens. We both want to win. I just think people assumed there would be fireworks.”

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