SPL Fanzone: Dunfermline

WE NOW have an experienced captain on the bridge, but as Hibs leave us in their wake, the gnawing question remains: shouldn’t we have got Jim Jefferies before we hit the iceberg?

During the transfer window, he might have been able to steer us through these choppy waters by bringing in the crew he wanted and letting go some of the passengers.

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Now we accept that all he can do is navigate us through more familiar charted waters from next autumn. We have to funnel all our energies into making sure we are not so rudderless next season and that means jettisoning some of this year’s baggage.

JJ knows we aren’t awash with money, as there is no rich owner on board, but he already has people on his radar, having fathomed why we are patently out of our depth. He is the man to turn the tide.

John Lloyd