Somers: ‘I don’t know Charles Green, Craig Whyte’

Rangers' Chairman David Somers. Picture: PA
Rangers' Chairman David Somers. Picture: PA
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RANGERS chairman David Somers has hit back at claims that he is in cahoots with former club bosses Charles Green and Craig Whyte, saying that he ‘would not recognise them if he passed them on a street’.

In an open letter on Rangers’ website, Somers also defends finance director Brian Stockbridge, claiming that without Stockbridge “the club would have been de-listed (from the Stock Exchange) months ago”.

On claims he is linked with former Rangers directors, Somers writes: “I read wild accusations that I may not be independent. This is usually accompanied by a list of names from the club’s past.

“Let me say categorically, that until I joined the Board a mere 4 weeks ago yesterday, I had never heard of Charles Green, Imran Ahmad, Craig Whyte, or any of the other characters in Rangers’ history.

“To my knowledge, I have never met them, nor had business dealings with them. Nor would I recognise them if I passed them on a street.”

On finance chief Stockbridge, Somers adds: “Brian Stockbridge suffers most from the lies thrown around by the people in the process of reinventing themselves. Even the requisitoners must understand that finance directors are members of boards and their actions are largely dictated by the board.

“Without Brian, the club would, in my opinion, have been de-listed months ago and ironically the club should owe him a debt of gratitude for holding things together.

Somers concludes his missive by urging shareholders to vote against Paul Murray’s group, describing them as “fanatics” and arguing that ”some of them were members or chairman of boards which failed this club in the past.”

Somers’ statement follows the release of a draft ’constitution’ for the club, proposed by Paul Murray, Malcolm Murray, Scott Murdoch and Alex Wilson.

The quartet are seeking election to the Rangers board at the club’s annual general meeting on 19 December.