SFL’s reconstruction plan on its way

Charles Green wrote to the Montrose chairman
Charles Green wrote to the Montrose chairman
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Rangers chief executive Charles Green expects the Scottish Football League to unveil plans for league reconstruction this week.

Member clubs will meet on Wednesday to discuss possible changes to Scottish football and reports last night suggested the SFL’s proposals are for a three-tier system for Scottish football with a 16-team top league, 10-strong middle division and an 18-team bottom section supplemented by reserve teams from Rangers and Celtic.

Green will be unable to attend the talks personally as he will be south of the Border with 
roadshows aimed at generating further investment in Rangers.

He told Talksport: “I understand that the Football League on Wednesday are having a meeting of clubs and it’s the intention of the executive to unveil what they think would be a restructuring plan for Scottish football. I won’t be there unfortunately because we are doing the presentations in London but one of the other directors and the club’s secretary will be there so we will find out what the SFL plan is. We are just focusing on winning the Third 
Division and getting promotion. We are a football club, we just win matches and, if you keep winning games, you will end up at the top.

“What the top will be called in three years, who knows? If it happens beforehand because of restructuring, or because clubs go out of business, that’s unfortunate, but we had to get on with our lives and other clubs will have to do the same.”