'I'm all for disco lights, imaginary hotels and signing Jack Hendry for a laugh but this crosses the line' - Fans react to Celtic using TiKToK to announce Patryk Klimala

Celtic fans have reacted in their hundreds to the club's decision to use popular video app TiKToK to announce the arrival of new striker Patryk Klimala.

Neil Lennon has made his first signing of the January transfer window - with the club announcing Patryk Klimala's arrival on TiKToK

A short video was posted on the club's brand new account featuring Hoopy the Huddle Hound "announcing" the new signing.

However, supporters weren't best pleased at the club's left-field method of confirming the arrival of the Polish player on a four-and-a-half-year deal.

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"Delete or I will go to the police" one fan tweeted the official account. Another wrote: "You are unbelievable. And I use that with negative connotation."

One supporter said: "Good plan this from the board, start announcing signings through TiKToK and eventually we won’t want to see more names coming in."

Paul Gray added: "If you think I'm wasting my time downloading the TiKToK app and creating an account just to watch a Celtic video, then you're absolutely f****** right."

A fan calling himself "Dave" moaned: "A tweet would have done" while another supporter instructed the club to "unannounce it and do it normally please".

Tam the Celt said: "Nah, nope f**** that. I’m all for the esports stuff and disco lights, imaginary hotels, signing Jack Hendry and Scott Allan for a laugh but TiKToK crosses the line, we should liquidate ourself for that."

Supporter Catholic Goth typed (in block capitals): "JUST ACT NORMAL FOR ONCE."

Quinny88 tweeted: "We have become a banter club, delete this immediately."

Rachael added: "Please don’t do this again Celtic, I’m too old for this nonsense!"

Jake McCann revealed: "I now support Rangers" while Ryan Duke replied: "Get in the sea. Announcing a new player on TiKToK."

Dean Robertson had some instructions for Celtic: "Look, we’re in our late twenties here, we’re not moving from Twitter to TiKToK lads, announce Polish Paddy in the traditional, Twitter fashion or we riot."

Mike Boyle added a popular meme with the words: "The best time to delete this tweet was immediately after sending it, the second best time is now."

One supporter wrote: "Well, ok, we'll get our weans to tell us what was on it. Thanks."

Andrew McGilveray tweeted Partick Thistle to ask how much a half-season ticket at Firhill would cost him while Damon Weir branded the video "tragic".

At the time of writing, TiKToK was trending in Scotland on Twitter.