'Hearts should fix the pitch or be thrown out of the league' - Fans react to state of Tynecastle pitch during Hearts v Celtic clash

Supporters and TV viewers question state of Tynecastle pitch during Hearts-Celtic clash

A general view of the Tynecastle pitch ahead of kick-off

Football fans and armchair supporters took to social media to express their shock at the state of the pitch at Tynecastle during Hearts' Scottish Premiership clash with Celtic.

Some areas of the turf appeared churned up while other parts of the surface looked bare.

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One fan said: "Hearts’ pitch is an absolute tattie field."

Craig Anderson suggested, presumably with his tongue firmly in cheek: "If a club like Kilmarnock can afford a beautiful plastic pitch then there's no excuse for Hearts to still be using unreliable grass in 2019."

Terry Munro added: "Tell me again how plastic pitches are terrible when Hearts are allowed to do this. Are they trying to have a decent pitch on average? Too much grass under Levein, no grass now."

Portobello Hearts tweeted: "I take it the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra train on our pitch during the week."

Another fan said: "Hearts used to let the grass grow long for Celtic games, now they appear to be digging the pitch up instead."

A Celtic supporter wrote: "Did Hearts not lay a new pitch in the summer? This isn't fit for rugby, never mind football."

Pundit and former Hibs striker Tam McManus added: "How much did Hearts spend on their pitch? I'd be asking for my money back!"

Another supporter wrote: "If anything screams Hearts more than anything, it’s paying £1 million for a football pitch that’s not suitable for playing football."

A Celtic fan added: "Hearts should be made to fix the pitch or be thrown out of the league system. It’s a total disgrace."

Mark Shankland stated: "Hearts' pitch is a coo field" while another viewer added: "Have to take your hat off to Hearts’ consistency with having embarrasing pitches."

One supporter said: That's gota be one of the worst football pitches I've ever seen. Hearts spent a million quid for a new pitch and that's what they have."

A TV viewer branded it a "ploughed field" while another asked: "Has Berra been planting crops on it or something?"