Scotland turn down game with Catalonia

THE SFA has rejected an invitation to play the Spanish region of Catalonia in an unofficial ‘international’.

Scotland's Steven Fletcher in action against the USA. Picture: Ian Rutherford

The autonomous region, which has a strong pro-independence movement, has repeatedly tried to arrange a game against Scotland in the past but has once again been turned down.

Andreu Subies, president of the Catalan FA, said: “Scotland have said they will not play against nations who are unrecognised.

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“Scotland will probably never play against Catalonia.”

The SFA’s decision to reject the invite is not thought to be politically motivated, with the lack of UEFA ranking points available for such a game against an unrecognised opponent believed to be the main reason for the decision.

Regions such as Catalonia and the Basque Country regularly play games during the Spanish winter break, with the Catalans racking up over 200 games against various regions and countries. They famously defeated Argentina 4-2 at the Nou Camp in 2009.

Catalonia will play the Cape Verde Islands on 30 December in Barcelona.