Michael Stewart says there was no 'issue of crushing' involving Rangers fans at Rugby Park

BBC and BT pundit Michael Stewart.
BBC and BT pundit Michael Stewart.
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BBC pundit Michael Stewart has said he did not believe there was a crush involving Rangers fans outside Rugby Park on Sunday.

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A gate beside the turnstiles was forced upon as agitated fans sought to gain entrance to the ground following a ticketing issue.

Videos that circulated on social media saw fans pile through the gate once it had been opened.

Rangers supporters insist it was necessary due to the safety of the fans at the front.

Fans group Club 1872 released a statement where they said: "Club 1872 has received multiple eye-witness reports from supporters trapped outside prior to and following kick-off in [Sunday's] match. The reports describe crushing, supporters fainting and actions from both stewards and police that made the situation worse."

Stewart, though, did not believe it was a crushing issue as there was space around the fans trying to get in.

He said on BBC Sportsound: "There are issues that obviously have to be looked at with regards how Kilmarnock are policing and stewarding games at Rugby Park but also Rangers as a club have to shoulder some of the burden here as well.

"With the naked eye it looks as if there are too many fans in the stand.

"I don't think Rangers' statement starting 'rightly or wrongly a gate was forced' is the right way to start off - these things should just be condemned.

"There was not an issue of crushing because it was outside, it was not a confined space.

"It's wrong for the gate to be forced open because you don't know who is going in, that's a security issue in itself."