SFA boss: No rush on Dave King fit and proper test

THE SFA chief executive Stewart Regan has revealed that there is no timescale for the ruling body to grant Dave King, who wishes to become chairman of Rangers, permission to become a director of the club.

Dave King has delayed his boardroom coronation while he tries to convince the SFA of his suitability. Picture: SNS
Dave King has delayed his boardroom coronation while he tries to convince the SFA of his suitability. Picture: SNS

King won control of the troubled Glasgow giants by securing 85 per cent of the votes cast at an extraordinary general meeting on 6 March but he has yet to supply the SFA with documentary evidence which would suggest that he is a fit and proper person.

In August 2013 King pleaded guilty to 41 counts of tax evasion, each of which carried a jail term of two years or a set fine. He chose to pay the South African Revenue Service over £40 million in order to avoid being sent to prison.

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Rule 10.2 (h) in the SFA’s articles of association states that an individual may not be considered to be fit and proper if “he has been convicted within the last ten years of (i) an offence liable to imprisonment of two years or over, (ii) corruption or (iii) fraud.”

Dave King has delayed his boardroom coronation while he tries to convince the SFA of his suitability. Picture: SNS

King was also a member of the board of the old club which entered into administration and then liquidation in 2012.

That poses another problem for the South Africa-based businessman under rule 10.2 (j) which rules out a position for an individual if “he has been a director of a club in membership of any National Association within the five-year period preceding such club having undergone an insolvency event”.

Regan admitted yesterday that Rangers have yet to officially supply them with an updated constitution of their board.

“They have not submitted that list yet,” he said. “They are currently seeking our feedback over whether their proposed chairman is going to be viewed favourably and we are in dialogue with the club over that.

Stewart Regan has said King faces a 'challenge'. Picture: PA

“When we have all the information we need in order to make a decision the board will meet and give that feedback.

“We are in discussions with Rangers and their advisors and we are gathering information on Mr King.

“When we have all of that information in the board will consider it and decide whether or not we are prepared to accept Dave King as a fit and proper person to be chairman of Rangers. We are not in a position to put a timescale on that. We need any evidence from Mr King that would support why he believes that he is fit and proper in consideration to the list of criteria in our Article 10, which covers all of the areas regarding track record, background, insolvency and any convictions.

“His tax convictions are a challenge for him and the club to try and present a case whereby the board can view it positively.

“But that’s what the club is seeking to do and, when we have that evidence, we will be in a position to comment more.

“Paul Murray is also being considered, given that he was a director of a football club that has been in an insolvency event in the last five years.”

King’s supporters argue that his successful application to the Court of Session, requesting their permission to become a director, should be sufficient to allow him to fulfil his ambition but the SFA’s rules are separate and very specific.

“It’s one part of a bigger jigsaw,” said Regan. “I suppose it’s another tick in a box of potential pieces of supporting evidence that the club are putting forward as to why he should be viewed favourably.

“But it’s a process we are taking our time over. It’s important that we get the right information and, once we have it, we will make a decision.”