Rangers want answers from BBC after domestic abuse reference

Rangers have hit out at the BBC after the club was mentioned in a segment about domestic abuse.

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A spokesperson told the Scottish Sun that the club was ‘astounded’ to be referenced by Scottish Women’s Aid chair Nicola Gilchrist during a discussion on the issue.

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Gilchrist was appearing on The Nine, BBC Scotland’s nightly news programme, to speak about a new law coming into effect.

Ibrox Stadium. Picture: John Devlin

Also present was Fiona Drouet, whose daughter took her own life after being the victim of domestic abuse.

After Drouet said she wanted people to educate themselves against the dangers, Gilchrist said: “This is what I think is so vital actually, is changing the shape of this.

“Educating people that domestic abuse is not a black eye after the Rangers lose or something. That is not what we are talking about.

“We are talking about what Fiona’s talking about here, that the shame and humiliation of living with this, that is going to, I think, shape the conversation in Scotland.”

A Rangers spokesperson answered through the Scottish Sun: “The first thing to be stressed is that domestic abuse should be condemned at every opportunity.

“Once again, however, the BBC provided a platform from which Rangers could be denigrated.

“Even so, it was astounding to hear Nicola Gilchrist single out Rangers. Perhaps she would like to explain why, while discussing this awful form of abuse, she felt it necessary to reference a club which does more than any other to help ease and eradicate the myriad problems faced by people in our local and wider communities.”