Rangers newco: SFA await newco application from Charles Green

THE Scottish Football Association are waiting for information from Charles Green to support his newco club’s application for membership of the governing body.

Green submitted a letter of application to the SFA last Friday but the SFA need formal documents relating to his Sevco consortium, declarations that officials are “fit and proper” and plans for his newco club.

It was agreed that Green, whose group bought the business and assets of Rangers for £5.5million, would provide the details by this weekend. Transfer of SFA membership from soon-to-be-liquidated Rangers to the newco could take place at the same time as a decision is made over which league the club will play in.

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It is understood that no hearing over a charge of bringing the game into disrepute will be scheduled amid the current uncertainty.

Rangers successfully overturned a transfer embargo in the Court of Session and that issue was due to return to the SFA’s appeals stage before the club was consigned to liquidation.