Rangers to build 12ft fence around training ground to stop leaks

Rangers are to build a 12-foot high fence around their training ground to prevent prying eyes from seeing Steven Gerrard’s tactics and team selections.

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard at the Hummel Training Centre alongside assistant coach Tom Culshaw. Picture: SNS

The club’s Hummel Training Centre is undergoing major reconstruction work which also see a stand being built on one of the pitches to house spectators for reserve fixtures.

A covered dome will provide an indoor training option for youth players and the fence will installed to afford the squad some privacy and prevent leaks.

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“My starting eleven was leaked five times in my early days here because people could see us train and this is a place where people can’t hold their water!,” Rangers manager Gerrard said.

“It’s a private training ground but a lot of the people who work here are Rangers fans, so are their mates and they all want to know my team, my style and my tactics. The same thing happened at Liverpool, probably at every club, but when we work tactically I want it to be private and for the team to stay in-house.

“So the fence will be there and I will then know where it’s coming from if the team gets out. When I came here, you could see the training ground was a sensational environment in its day but because of what’s gone on at the club in recent years, it had become tired and dated.

“It’s important to create that elite environment so we have identified the key areas to improve – the dressing rooms, the gym, the canteen. We need a Desso training pitch, we have introduced a cryochamber for recovery.

“We are putting a dome over one of the pitches so I don’t look out of the window and see the young kids out training in temperatures of minus two. We’re putting in a stand for reserve games and improving the floodlighting.

“We are putting in more spaces for cars as some people were having to park down towards Possil when they visited. We need to get the club up to speed and evolve off the pitch, as well as improving on the pitch, and that’s what we are doing.”