Lee McCulloch comes out fighting – literally – to prolong career

RANGERS midfielder Lee McCulloch has revealed he has taken to the boxing ring in an attempt to help prolong his career.

The 34-year-old Scotland international was the first Rangers player to declare he would transfer his contract across to the newco club and he has started to enjoy sparring as a way of keeping in shape.

“Coming into the gym has mixed things up a bit and it makes a change from doing running all the time,” he told Rangers TV.

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“I think the boxing training definitely helps. How things went for me last season isn’t totally down to that, but it definitely allowed me to get back from injuries quicker.

“When people are looking to relax, they like to go home and take it easy but I like to try to get a wee bit fitter.

“I know I’m coming to the end of my career and I’ll do anything I can do to help myself stay fit or get back fit if I’m not.

“Some of the boys like to go golfing, but I come here instead – and I really enjoy it. It’s really about fitness.”

The former Wigan midfielder joined boyhood club Rangers in 2007 and looks likely to remain at the club despite the uncertainty surrounding which division they will be playing in during the upcoming season.