What Russian newspapers said about Rangers' performance against Spartak Moscow

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The Russian press have reacted to Rangers' hard fought draw against Spartak Moscow, the majority claiming that 0-0 was a fair result.

Spartak central midfielder Roman Zobnin claimed that a draw with Steven Gerrard's men was a creditable result.

Rangers currently sit top of Europa League group G, following a 0-0 draw with Spartak Moscow (Photo: Getty)

Rangers currently sit top of Europa League group G, following a 0-0 draw with Spartak Moscow (Photo: Getty)

Speaking to the press following the match, Zobnin stated: “On the road one point against a strong team is, I think, normal. In the future, however, we need to score ",

The 24-year-old also admitted that Rangers had the upper hand in the race to the Europa League knockout stages, suggesting that his side needed to claim wins in their three remaining fixtures.

Sports.ru: 'speed, power and intensity'

Sports.ru praised Rangers' bravery, but was critical of both sides' efforts in the final third.

Their final match report read: "The brave Scots from the first minute offered Spartak a taste of British football: speed, power and intensity. Poor Nikolai Rasskazov's first half performance resembled a roller coaster.

"Having failed to achieve anything more than pressure at the beginning of the match, the hosts sat back, allowing Spartak to play football. But the red-and-whites strung together only a few ineffective attacks."

They also had a dig at Rangers' style of play, jibing: "In truth, the Scots played very primitive football and did not create a lot of obvious scoring chances."

Vesti: 'poor in the final third'

State owned outlet Vesti inferred that 0-0 was a fair result, due to both teams' shortcomings.

They said: "The red and whites looked modest, but defended a 0-0 draw. Rangers struggled to make a breakthrough partly due to the defence of Spartak worked reliably, but also due to the low activity of Rangers at the end of attacks. "

Championat: 'Relying on traditional British values'

Championat journalist Oleg Lisenko, meanwhile, praised the Scots for chasing a victory.

"The Scots weren't willing to settle for a draw," he said. "They persistently searched for their goal, relying on traditional British values ​​- sheds, shooting and wrestling, above, below, everywhere. "

Lisenko also suggested that Gerrard's men could have earned a penalty.

"At times, the ball spent an unpleasant amount of time in the Muscovites' box.

"Once, after the risky tackle of Eremenko, the hosts implored referee [Kevin] Blom to award a penalty: but the Dutchman refused to blow his whistle.