Steven Gerrard reveals his sacrifices to make Rangers a success

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Steven Gerrard is consumed by making Rangers a success and fulfilling his dream of winning a trophy as a manager.

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Rangers Manager Steven Gerrard reveals some of the sacrficies he's made. Picture: SNS/Ross MacDonald

Rangers Manager Steven Gerrard reveals some of the sacrficies he's made. Picture: SNS/Ross MacDonald

In his first senior management role, the former Liverpool captain has started well by leading the Ibrox side to the Europa League group stages and to within two points of the top of the Ladbrokes Premiership table.

In an interview with the Daily Mail promoting his Make Us Dream film, Gerrard revealed that he is absorbed in management. He works at the club’s training ground between 8am and 6pm before returning home to work further preparing the team for training and matches.

With a big family he has had to cut back on certain things, such as Instagram, as he demands standards of his players.

“I want to be respectful to people and my job,’ he said. “I’m grateful for the following I get but, with due respect, I am busy. I’ve got four kids, I’m busy with my job. Every minute I have is taken.

“I understand the modern player. I see the characters in my dressing room. The younger ones are social-media driven, they can’t wait for the next new coloured boots. Football is evolving. If you want to stay involved, you have to get up to speed with it.

“I’m open to it, as long as people keep their standards and do what they have to do. I don’t mind a player wearing pink boots and having lines striped all over their hair. As long as they give me eight or nine out of 10 on a Saturday, that’s fine with me. No problem at all.”

The Rangers boss couldn’t answer whether managing was better than playing, something he hopes to be able to do once he’s won a trophy.

“Winning as a player is fantastic, winning as a manager now is a great buzz,’ Gerrard said. “Losing? There is no difference in the hurt. Winning a trophy as a player? Now that’s special, incredible. And I would love to be in a position where I experience that as a manager. That is what I want.

“I want to win a trophy — achieve something special. So I’d like to come back to that — what you just asked me — I can’t answer it, not at the minute. I hope I get the chance to try one day.”

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