Seven of Pedro Caixinha’s most memorable quotes as Rangers boss

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Pedro Caixinha is on his way out at Ibrox after the Rangers board decided to sack their Portuguese head coach.

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Pedro Caixinha leaving Rangers' training centre early on Thursday. Picture: SNS

Pedro Caixinha leaving Rangers' training centre early on Thursday. Picture: SNS

Good news for Rangers fans, but bad news for sports editors across Scotland, as you can see...

“We are talking about a worldwide club. It’s a massive club, the biggest in Scotland. It’s a club that’s fighting to get back to the top. We know we’re going to get it back to the top and that’s what we’re here for. The challenge to rebuild, to get the club back to their past, their history and glory, it’s the main reason which brings us here.”

Right away Caixinha caused a bit of a stir, loudly proclaiming his new club to be the biggest in Scotland. Regardless of whether you believe this or not, he probably made a rod for his own back considering the gulf between the Ibrox side and rivals Celtic in the title race at the time. Hoops fans would say this one came back to haunt him.

“The slogan ‘We Are The People’ will be stamped on the walls for both our players and opponents to feel the strength of Rangers.”

Rangers fans really wanted Caixinha to succeed, and quotes like this were part of the reason why. He was playing to the gallery, but done with enough conviction that most bought into it. He tapped into the emotions of the supporters, but poor results could only be tolerated so long.

“This is the squad we have for now and we really trust the players we have right now. For us, this is the best squad in Scotland. We just need to give them confidence.”

He would later explain the “best squad in Scotland” comments, basically saying he would always believe that his side, regardless of quality or place in the league table, were the best. That way he could get the best out of them. It did not pacify those who thought he was living in a fantasy world.

“What I need to tell you, and it’s a Portuguese saying, ‘the dogs bark and the caravan keeps going’. That means that we are focused in our work. We are all together in the same direction.”

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Bringing out the Portuguese proverbs to deflect criticism from the media of him and his side. You can’t accuse the man of not giving a good line or two to the press.

“It [green] is the colour of Celtic. From now on, no one will wear boots of that colour.”

Many made fun of Caixinha after this, believing it daft he would bother about the colour of a players boots when there were more important things to worry about. Though it was another soundbite that fans appreciated. Sure, it was petty, but much of football is petty.

“Have some of you been to Las Vegas? Yes? Okay, did you tell your wife everything that happened when you left Las Vegas? What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas; that’s the way it is. It’s good that it’s coming out; it’s just one confirmation, confirmation that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But some guys are going and telling everything to their wife. They go against the promise, they go against the sentence. Is the story inaccurate? I don’t know. I don’t know the story. I know what happened in Las Vegas but I know also that what happens in Las Vegas ‘should’ stay in Las Vegas.”

Gonnae stop saying Vegas.

“The vampires taste the flavour of the blood and they want more, they need it. It’s the same with the competitive teams and clubs, competitive players and competitive managers. They like the way the blood tastes.”

These comments are almost ironic in retrospect, seeing as Rangers were left fuming at Motherwell over the Fir Park side’s physicality. Centre-back Fabio Cardoso was left bleeding profusely from a broken nose.

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