Paul Gascoigne ‘broke into my house and raided my fridge’, says ex-Rangers ace

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Ally McCoist has opened up about the time Rangers team mate Paul Gascoigne broke into his house in the middle of the night - because he was hungry.

Speaking on talkSPORT, the former Scotland striker recalled the time in the mid-1990s that he was woken up by his wife in the wee small hours to be told that there was “somebody downstairs”.

Paul Gascoigne, left, and Ally McCoist during a Rangers training session. Picture: SNS Group

Paul Gascoigne, left, and Ally McCoist during a Rangers training session. Picture: SNS Group

McCoist continued: “I listened, and sure enough I could hear somebody downstairs.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever had that happen in your house at three or four o’clock in the morning, but it’s not pleasant.

“So I jumped up and I got a three iron - and I could never hit a three iron at the best of times, so it was the wrong club I picked up.

“I go downstairs and I can hear noises coming from the kitchen. So you’re faced with this prospect of a burglar, or whatever it may be - an intruder in your house.

“So I think: ‘What am I going to do here? I’m just going to have to react to whatever happens’.”

“I actually kicked open the kitchen door, and what I’m faced with is the back of Paul Gascoigne in my fridge.”

The England international was, according to McCoist, living in the next village along at the time the pair were at Ibrox.

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McCoist continued: “He didn’t even turn around. I said: ‘Paul, what are you doing?’ He still didn’t turn around and told me: ‘I’m making a sandwich’.

“I said: ‘But it’s half three in the morning.’ He said: ‘I know, but I woke up and I couldn’t get back to sleep and I’m hungry and I didn’t have any food in the fridge’.”

The former Rangers boss explained that he asked Gazza how he had managed to get inside the house, adding: “Paul said: ‘About three or four weeks ago you were on the phone to your missus and you told her you left the spare key in a wee bag underneath the oak tree. I remembered that and I just thought I would come to your house to make a sandwich’.

“So I went back upstairs and my missus said: ‘What’s going on?’ And I said: ‘Ah, you’re alright, it’s only Paul making a sandwich’.”

Gascoigne, who was capped 57 times by England and also enjoyed spells at Tottenham, Newcastle, Lazio, Everton and Middlesbrough was known for his tomfoolery throughout his playing career.