Best tweets on Gary Harkins’ ‘Rangers are new club’ comments

Harkins in action against Rangers back in 2009. Picture: SNS
Harkins in action against Rangers back in 2009. Picture: SNS
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The Dundee midfielder rekindled an ongoing (never-ending) Scottish football debate with his tongue-in-cheek “Rangers are a new club” comments.

Naturally, social media was awash this morning with reaction to his words. We picked out a selection.

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@ForzaPapac: “Gary Harkins that well known football historian and corporate law expert with an aptitude for tax liability”

@RangersCulture: “Got to laugh at Celtic fans. Lennon, Lawell, Desmond & Deila say we’re the same club. Gary Harkins knows his stuff though”

@AirdMikey: “Gary Harkins is a nobody who just wants to crave attention and cause a stir. Let him have his moment”

@Nimsay1872: “Gary Harkins, good on him 1st time he’s made the backpage headlines.”

@GarryCarmody: “Not sure Harkins’ comments affect on the dressing room. Most will have to: 1) Google who he is 2) Google what the hell he’s talking about.”


@CelticF1rst: “Gary Harkins is making a play for Albert Kidd’s crown as my favourite ever Dundee player.”

@Morrissey23rd: “How much older is Gary Harkins than the new club Rangers?”

@firstglass1888: “Why on earth is Gary Harkins opinion that ‘Rangers are a new club’ being described as ‘mischievous’ in The Daily Record. Remember ‘RFC-RIP’?”

@timomouse: “As entertaining as the Harkins stuff is, what’d be even funnier is if Dumbarton win the replay.”


Arbroath winger Bobby Linn: “Glorious Gary Harkins”

Harkins’ team-mate Nicky Low: “We are all Gary Harkins”

Sun journalist Robert Thomson: “3/10 in the man-by-mans every week now for Gary Harkins after revisiting Scottish football’s most boring subject.”

Ex-team-mate David van Zanten: “Sunglasses and hat on tomorrow @garyharkins1985 . In fact, make it a tin hat!”


@DouglasDickie1: “If you’re getting your knickers in a twist over Gary Harkins’ comments then I think you need to re-evaluate your life.”

@moo_ted: “Did you notice that Gary Harkins was “grinning” while he said they are a new club? Sinister stuff this...”

DJ and Dundee fan Jim Gellatly: “Gary Harkins needs to let his feet do the talking. Stupid & pointless thing to say, especially with press obsession with anything Old Firm.”

@davidc1873: “I can’t be the only person who sees Harkins comment as the wind up it was intended to be. People need to lighten up a bit.”

@rmcdonald46: “Gary Harkins is set to become both an Ibrox hate figure and Parkhead hero overnight despite playing for Dundee. Impressive.”


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