BBC begin new boycott of Rangers after reporter ban

Rangers again denied access to reporter Chris McLaughlin. Picture: John Devlin
Rangers again denied access to reporter Chris McLaughlin. Picture: John Devlin
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THE BBC have once again decided to boycott Rangers after the club reimposed a ban on sports reporter Chris McLaughlin, according to The Herald.

A previous boycott was dropped last August after discussions between the two parties saw Mr McLaughlin allowed to entry Ibrox Stadium once again.

The last dispute lasted a month and ended in August, with BBC relying on agency staff to cover matches at Ibrox in the time between.

Relations remained amicable until last weekend when the BBC reporter was once again informed he wouldn’t be allowed to enter the ground. This occurred prior to Rangers’ 4-1 win over Livingston.

The BBC insist they’ve been left with no choice but to start a new boycott as they stand by their employee.

BBC Scotland said: “We are disappointed that Rangers took the decision to ban our reporter Chris McLaughlin from Ibrox. We believe it is unjustifiable and we stand by the integrity and the quality of our journalism.

“We will continue to report on Rangers both on and off the pitch and will feature match action where appropriate but, until this issue is resolved, we will not be sending journalists to Ibrox or attending Rangers’ press conferences.”

The club have responded by insisting the move was made to ensure “fairness” from the broadcaster.

Rangers said: “This is about balance and fairness. It is Rangers’ view that after having asked for, and having been promised, exactly that - nothing more, and certainly not favour from this or any other reporter - it has not been forthcoming.

“The BBC know they are welcome but once again they, in their wisdom, have chosen not to attend Ibrox thereby denying licence payers the opportunity to see and hear from Rangers on a publicly-funded platform which is supposed to be for everyone. Rangers fans are entitled to ask if this is an abuse of the BBC’s privileged position.”


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