'Damages for pain and suffering caused': Rangers and Celtic fans bombard HMRC on Twitter

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Rangers and Celtic fans have bombarded the HMRC Customer Support Twitter account after it was revealed the Taxman may have made an error with regards to money owed by oldco Rangers.

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It was reported in The Times that the £70 million bill owed by the previous operating company of the Ibrox club could have been exaggerated by as much as £50m.

Ibrox stadium.

Ibrox stadium.

Former manager Ally McCoist has already stated his belief that a £20m bill would not have led to the club going into administration and then liquidation back in 2012.

After the article first appeared online, the HMRCcustomers account tweeted asking for general queries, as they do every day.

However, instead of receiving a handful of responses as per usual, they were flooded with messages from angry Rangers fans.

Nelsy wrote: "Scandalous and utterly shameful if what is being reported is true."

Craig Whyte in 2012 announcing the club's intention to go into administration.

Craig Whyte in 2012 announcing the club's intention to go into administration.

Dunc asked: "Hi guys, how can use over charge £50million on tax? Asking for a friend."

El Buffalo Morelos added: "We demand a public apology, costs for all expenses paid and damages for the pain and suffering caused, not just to us @RangersFC but the @spfl as our illegal relegation affected everyone in Scotland."

Celtic fans also messaged the Taxman on Twitter, though there was generally a far different tone to the correspondence.

K Daly said: "Not really a query. I just want to take some time today to applaud you on all the good work you do. Keep fighting the good fight!"

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