Rangers investor Kieran Prior backs Dave King

Kieron Prior is backing Dave King's Ibrox revolution. Picture: Robert Perry
Kieron Prior is backing Dave King's Ibrox revolution. Picture: Robert Perry
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RANGERS investor Kieran Prior has come out in support of Dave King’s Ibrox revolution.

Prior owns around 2.5 per cent of the club has invested £1 million over the past 12 months, and is set to meet King in London next week - and he believes other major players are ready to lend their support to the former Ibrox director’s plans for Rangers.

The former Goldman Sachs trader told the Daily Record: “Dave [King] and I have spoken and I want to support his objectives for the club. He has asked to meet me in London next week for further talks to find the best way forward for Rangers.

“I’ve talked with investors who hold significant stakes in the club and it’s my belief they are ready to back Dave’s vision for the future.

And childhood Rangers fan Prior added: “The board do not have the business acumen of Dave, nor his philanthropic approach to helping the club return to the top.”

Prior is set to accept a financial hit on his existing shareholding if the club will benefit - and he is refusing to rule out a new rights issue, adding: “If that means a new rights issue then it means a new rights issue. If I have to dilute my shareholding for the good of the club then it’s no big deal. We may not need a shares issue but I’d rather have one if it safeguards the club.”


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