Rangers fans call for apology after Montrose programme’s ‘Newco’ jibe

The offending paragraph
The offending paragraph
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FURIOUS Rangers fans have demanded an apology from Montrose after the Links Park side poked fun at the Ibrox side in the match programme from Saturday’s Division Three clash.

Supporters took offence at the description of Rangers in the introduction to the team in the programme, which read: “Playing their first season in Division Three, The Rangers are a newco of the now defunct Glasgow Rangers.

“Currently top of the table, they will be hoping to go on to seal the title and clinch their first silverware.”

Fans of the Ibrox club took to internet forums over the weekend to express their views, with one fan commenting: “To continue our PR drive I would be asking Montrose to issue a retraction/apology for printing incorrect information’.

Another supporter added: “The powers that be recognise our long and illustrious history and that’s all that matters.”

Not all fans were enraged, however, with one pointing out: “The author has been smart enough to use the old ‘some people say, but that’s not my opinion’ routine to get the dig in and stay off the hook. But other than that, the piece is quite respectful. There’s plenty more about Rangers throughout the programme and it’s all pretty respectful.”

It is not the first time that a club has poked fun at Rangers. Earlier this year, the Falkirk stadium announcer was relieved of his duties for referring to the Ibrox club as the ‘Sevco Franchise’ whilst reading out half-time scorelines.