McCoist: U-turn on Gascoigne's Hall of Fame induction is an '˜embarrassment'

Ally McCoist insists Paul Gascoigne should be in the Scottish Football Hall of Fame and called the decision to reverse his induction 'an embarrassment'.

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Gascoigne was announced as being set to be inducted last week, though the decision was met with criticism from some quarters.

Pointing to a history of domestic abuse, as well as racist and sectarian incidents at his recent live shows, it was felt he should be kept out of the Hall of Fame, with SFA board members reportedly set to snub the ceremony.

Paul Gascoigne's nomination for the Scottish Football Hall of Fame has been withdrawn. Picture: PA

Yesterday the organisers took the decision to drop Gascoigne’s induction, citing the former Rangers’ player’s health as one of the reasons.

McCoist, though, wasn’t buying the excuse as he stuck up for his former team-mate.

Appearing on TalkSport, he said: “It’s just another embarrassment, really, to be honest with you.

“There’s absolutely no doubt that Gascoigne has been one of the players to brighten up Scottish football over the last 30/40 years, without no shadow of doubt.

“There’s been some brilliant imports. Henrik Larsson, a terrific player. Di Canio, Laudrup, boys like that.

“But Gascoigne, it was an absolute privilege and a pleasure to play with somebody of that talent.

“And does he deserve his place in the Scotland Hall of Fame? You’re joking, 100 per cent he does.

“But it’s just what happens in Scottish football. Not only do they make mistakes, but they just shoot themselves in the foot all the time.

“How can they release something saying Paul Gascoigne has been inducted into the Scotland Hall of Fame; great, Paul gets a boost, Paul’s fans get a boost and then all of a sudden it has been withdrawn?

“It’s an embarrassment, it’s an absolute embarrassment.”