Mark McGhee set to push Hutchison for extra funds

Motherwell manager Mark McGhee will firstly seek to understand Les Hutchison’s vision for the club when he meets the Fir Park owner next week.

Motherwell manager Mark McGhee. Picture: SNS Group

But he will not be afraid to push for extra resources if he believes they are necessary.

McGhee will travel to meet Barbados-based Hutchison for the first time during the international break, following his side’s Ladbrokes Premiership clash with Inverness on Saturday.

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McGhee said: “When you take a job as a manager you can’t really start making demands. You have to understand the dynamics that exist at a football club and what’s possible.

“What I’m going to understand is what Les’s vision for the club is and I’ll understand better how I can fit into that.

“And then, as time goes on, talk about what’s needed on the field. It’s just really getting to know each other but really getting to grips with his ethos and feelings and what he wants from the club so I can help deliver that.

“I’ve had fantastic chairmen from my very first club with John Madejski, Martin George at Leicester, Theo Paphitis was a brilliant chairman, Dick Knight at Brighton, John Boyle here. Every single chairman has been a big ally and a brilliant help for me. I’m hoping Les will be the same and we will work together with the same vision.

“My expectations will have to be tapered with what’s possible. I have to understand the parameters.

“And as a manager I have a responsibility to the fans to push that as far as I can, to get the team as good as I can, by, if it’s necessary, spending as much money as I can get out of him.

“That’s my job, that’s what the fans expect of me. I’ll not just accept it without some sort of discussion and argument 
but I can’t be arguing for the fans that we should be signing Ronaldo.

“But where there’s a wee bit I’ll try to get a bit more. That’s my job.”

McGhee, who is in his second spell as manager at the Lanarkshire club, has led Motherwell to four points on the road after losing to Celtic at Fir Park in his first match back in charge, but he will not go gung ho in his second home game.

He said: “In the modern game there are a lot, lot better results away from home than there used to be.

“Part of the reason is teams are so well organised and determined in their shape and defensive play and the home team don’t often have enough to unpick them, and they end up getting suckered.

“So we’re not going to fall into that trap. I’m going to play in a way that I think will win us the game and it might be slightly different from simply piling on.”