Jim McIntyre’s vote of confidence from Dundee chief John Nelms ‘poor timing’ - Alan Pattullo

“No one like us, we don’t care.” The old Millwall chant has been appropriated by fans of several clubs over the years, though not often by those at the helm.

Board backing: Dundee boss Jim McIntyre. Picture: SNS Group
Board backing: Dundee boss Jim McIntyre. Picture: SNS Group

It’s also not often programme notes from officials, which rarely stretch beyond a banal welcome to the opposition, are afforded as much attention as those contributed by Dundee managing director John Nelms at the weekend.

He quoted the phrase “No one like us, we don’t care” and claimed it seems to “ring true” in connection with the Dens Park club.

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I’m not actually sure how it does currently apply to Dundee, who are generously providing points to anyone lucky enough to cross their path. Aberdeen were the most recent beneficiaries, handing out the latest defeat to Jim McIntyre’s side – Dundee’s seventh in succession, during which time they have scored just once. There can be few more popular opponents at present.

Nelms chose a poor time to issue a vote of confidence to McIntyre, particularly since he claims this support is based on “data” underlining he is the right man for the job. In a long, tin-eared message to supporters, Nelms also suggests Dundee have been undone by a combination of factors, including “on-field decisions” and “SFA inconsistencies”.

If refereeing decisions are included in what’s meant by these wide-ranging terms, it seems incumbent to note that Nelms sacked Neil McCann on the back of possibly the worst refereeing decision Dundee have had inflicted on them this season.

A better display against Kilmarnock was undone by a penalty winner from Eamonn Brophy after Jordan Jones – who was later banned for two matches for simulation – threw himself over Cammy Kerr’s non-challenge to hoodwink referee Steven McLean.