Who can Scotland play in the 2020/21 Uefa Nations League group stage?

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Scotland have finished top of League C Group 1 in the Uefa Nations League, which is surely the country’s greatest achievement since lifting the Kirin Cup back in 2006.

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A victorious Scotland squad applauds the fans at full time. Picture: SNS

A victorious Scotland squad applauds the fans at full time. Picture: SNS

As you’ll probably have heard by now, this means the nation is just two games away from qualifying for the European Championships in 2020, even if the full qualifying campaign goes as well as any other for Scotland in the past 15 years.

If history repeats itself and they fail to make it out of their Euro 2020 qualifying group, there is now the safety net of two one-legged play-offs to make the finals. The first of these matches will be against Finland at Hampden. The second, assuming we win the first, will be against either Serbia or Norway with the venue to be decided by a draw.

But what about the next Uefa Nations League campaign? While this one isn’t quite over yet, we can already look ahead to 2020/21 as the different leagues have already been decided by the promotion/relegation format of these groups.

There are four leagues (A, B, C, D) with either three or four teams in each group. Scotland were in League C and, as a result of finishing ahead of Israel and Albania, will now be in League B for 2020.

These are the other sides in League B: Croatia, Poland, Germany, Iceland, Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic, Norway, Serbia, Finland.

The 12 teams will be split into four groups of three.

Seedings and restrictions will be confirmed for the draw, which is expected to take place in January or February 2020.

Things could be very tough (Croatia and Russia) or they could be a little more favourable (Iceland and Wales).

Because, as we’ve already established, Scotland aren’t too great at the whole qualification thing, another quick route to the play-offs for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar would be very welcomed indeed.