St Johnstone boss Tommy Wright with incredible gesture as manager and players check up on supporters

The Perth side are reaching out to season-ticket holders

Football plays a huge part in Scottish communities. Beyond the 90 minutes on the Saturday, clubs provide so much throughout the week when it comes to connecting with individuals or groups, putting on courses or events, or simply being a touch point for supporters.

Much has been made of the financial difficulties clubs across the SPFL and below face, whether it is Edinburgh City and Albion Rovers in League Two or Hearts and Aberdeen in the Ladbrokes Premiership.

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But on the other side there will be hundreds, even thousands of fans who will be feeling either lost or slightly discombobulated with the lack of football and a support network which comes with it.

Tommy Wright has provided St Johnstone fans with a great gesture. Picture: SNS

Even without any action on the Saturday, clubs now have a far more significant and meaningful role to play within their communities.

It is something which St Johnstone have recognised, and the club are making sure they are looking out for and connecting with their supporters.

One Scottish football fan revealed that Tommy Wright had made a call to a season-ticket holder over the age of 70, checking in to make sure everything was okay.

Understandably, it is a move which brought widespread praise, and one St Johnstone will be continuing with as they seek to get around as many season-ticket holders as possible with either Wright or the players contacting fans.

“We see the club as an important part of the community and wanted to give something back whilst engaging with the supporters during what is undoubtedly a difficult time for everyone,” Gary Henderson, the club’s media and communications officer, told The Scotsman.

"Many of our elderly fans will face weeks in isolation and if a phone call from the manager or one of the players can help keep them positive then it’s worthwhile.

“Initially we’ll be calling all of our senior season ticket holders but the aim is to reach out to all of our season ticket holders eventually, depending on how long we remain in this situation. The manager and the players are fully behind it and they too are enjoying chatting about football with the supporters.”