COMMENT: Falkirk need resolution and clarity as well as players and success

Time is running out on Falkirk’s two week ownership decision pledge, and answers are needed quickly to return focus where it matters, says the sports editor.

David Oliver, Sports Editor
David Oliver, Sports Editor

I don’t think I’m the only one with an interest in Falkirk who was happy for a return of football matters this week, for a change.

New signings always renew a sense of optimism, hope, forward-thinking and freshness. They put smiles on fans’ faces.

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But the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Michael Tidser and Gregor Buchanan started last season with Ray McKinnon at Morton and have followed the manager to The Falkirk Stadium. Picture Michael Gillen.

The question over what’s happening on the pitch has begun to be answered, and answered well so far with three signings of a calibre above League One standard.

The question of what’s happening upstairs lingers on.

The smiles for the new signings only last for so long. They don’t overturn the fear, anger and frustrations from the fans over the current turmoil – and that is what it is with no chief executive, no chairman, no pot of money and no answers to how or when the ownership situation will be resolved.

The extended June 7 deadline for bids and evaluation has come and gone. The clock is ticking on the two-week window for ownership announcements promised in the board’s statement of June 1.

Falkirk FC third signing for the new season, Aidan Connolly.

The clock is ticking too on the start of the new season with pre-season just a week away and Ray McKinnon barely able to fill a matchday squad. He’s made a good fist of it so far, but how much better would it be with the cash injection being spoken about just a few months ago?

On the pitch there’s beginning to resemble something worth backing, the same needs to be shown off it now too.

Falkirk needs resolution and clarity now as much as it needs players and success.

The decisions, and the answers, have got to be forthcoming, and quickly so we can all get back to the football and what brings a smile to the face of the fans again.