The change to substitutions which could be implemented in Scottish football

Teams will be allowed a maximum of five subs as per Fifa’s proposals

When football gets back underway in Scotland there could be a change to the number of substitutions allowed and how they operate.

Fifa has proposed that the number of changes permitted during a game rise to five when football returns.

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The governing body are wary of fixture congestion and player fatigue as some leagues may look to finish their current season before moving into the 2020/2021 campaign.

There could be five substitutions allowed in Scottish football when the game returns. Picture: SNS

There is also the possibility that some leagues may be fit into a tighter calendar meaning games will be more frequent which increases the possibility of injuries.

Fifa have put the proposal forward to the International Football Association Board.

A Fifa spokesperson said: “When competitions resume, such competitions are likely to face a congested match calendar with a higher than normal frequency of matches played in consecutive weeks,”

“Safety of the players is one of Fifa’s main priorities. One concern in this regard is that the frequency of matches may increase the risk of potential injuries due to a player overload.

“In light of this and the unique challenge faced globally in delivering competitions according to the originally foreseen calendar, Fifa proposes a larger number of substitutions be temporarily allowed at the discretion of the relevant competition organiser.

“In competitions where less than five substitutions are currently allowed, each team would now be given the possibility to use up to five substitutions, with the possibility of an additional substitution remaining during extra time where relevant.”

The Scottish FA are one of the IFAB members and, according to the Scottish Sun, the SFA’s chief executive Ian Maxwell is set to back the plans.

It will be a temporary measure if ratified with each league body having the choice of implementing it.

If the Scottish game opts to introduce the change when football returns it would see five substitutions permitted in three slots during matches or at half-time, according to The Guardian.

The change to substitutions will be for competitions which are due to be completed or start in 2020 or 2021, while it will cover international fixtures until the end of 2021.