Highlights from Rangers new boy Joey Barton's unveiling

Joey Barton was unveiled as a Rangers player at a packed media conference at Murray Park on Tuesday.Here are some of his thoughts...

Joey Barton is unveiled as a Rangers player at Murray Park. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

On what example he can set for Rangers’ youngsters

“I’ll come here and do what I do. I’ve had the career I’ve had because I’ve got fantastic daily habits. There is no short cut to success.”

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On Rangers missing out on the Europa League

“I’d already made my mind up last week. I came up here and was instantly bitten by it.

“I saw people tweeting me saying that now Rangers aren’t going to be in Europe next year that would mean I wouldn’t sign.

“I was sitting there saying I’d already made my mind up.

“Those are the occasions I want to be involved in with this great football club and hopefully I get the opportunity in the coming years.”

On knocking back the English Premier League to move to Scotland

“Don’t forget, we English look down our noses at everyone. “The Premier League is the best league in the world. There’s no doubt about it because of the financial strength of it.

“Nowhere has the same level of competitiveness and financial clout as the Premier League so it’s difficult comparing it to any other league.

“But there’s an incredible challenge here. Rangers expect to win titles. Second in Scotland is nowhere. That brings with it enormous pressure. I’m somebody who thrives on that. I can’t wait to dig in.”

On Rangers’ signing plans for next season

“I trust the manager, Davie Weir and Frank McParland implicitly. If you look at their careers in the job, they have always got the right players in to get the job done.

“All I can go on is the way they have conducted themselves to get me here, which has been absolutely first class.

“The fact they have been able to take me from a Premier League club says a lot about the way Rangers are conducting themselves.

“Anybody who has the chance to come here, if they are the right type of people, you won’t have to convince them.”

On how he has changed as a person

“I don’t know. People keep telling me I have but I still wake up and still think I’m the same person.

“I still remember being a scruffy kid off a council estate in Liverpool who kicked holes in his trainers playing football.

“I’m just a football man – first of all a supporter who is fortunate enough to be good enough and to have worked hard enough to have turned it into a profession.

“When you get to the space I’m in, you have to tune out of what everyone says about you.

“There has been times when I haven’t been on best behaviour but that is all in the past. All I can do is be the man I am today.”