Hibs: Your Say

HIBBIES were critical of the performance at Parkhead and the decision to take off Derek Riordan.

Kenny Muir, Goldenacre: "We were vulnerable on the right-hand side when Riordan went off and this gave Celtic the initiative to go on and win the football match. Just sickened that we didn't hold on."

Darren Muir, Colinton: "I thought we were living dangerously for most of the last 20 minutes, great performance to go in front, but what a mess we made of defending late on, we just invited them on to us and we paid the penalty for this."

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Joseph Smith: "Another poor performance against the worst Celtic side in two decades. It was good to see Paul Hanlon at the back but #we sorely miss our captain Chris Hogg to restore some organisation and culture in the heart of the defence. Six defeats in seven games with our captain missing says it #all really."

Lewis Hall, Edinburgh: "Darren McCormack was given the runaround by Aiden McGeady. The first two goals were a result of him giving far too much space to the winger. And why sub Riordan? He looked lively and a threat to the vulnerable Celtic defence."