Hibs boss Neil Lennon opens up on referees meeting and has say on VAR

Neil Lennon has described the get-together between managers and referees following a season overshadowed by a spate of controversial decisions as worthwhile.

Neil Lennon enjoyed hearing points of views from fellow managers and referees. Pic: SNS

The Hibs head coach was one of ten Premiership bosses to attend an SFA-hosted meeting at McDiarmid Park at which both sides were able to exchange their respective points of view.

Lennon, who has been asked to represent the managers on a newly-set up committee, revealed: “There was no awkwardness. There was debate, but there were no raised voices.

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“It was people putting their points of view across, quite eloquently and quite forthright at times, and it was good to see both points of view.

“I think it went well. The referees were very good and all the managers had a bit of a say as well. It wasn’t wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

Not surprisingly, the question of VAR was raised, with managers and referees alike in favour of its introduction.

Lennon said: “John [Fleming, the SFA’s head of referees] made the points that 93 per cent of decisions referees make are correct, but with VAR it would go up to 98 per cent.

“Again it is another benefit and another aid to help referees make the right call, so it was good.”