Hibs and Hearts fans send Leigh Griffiths messages of support

Hibs and Hearts fans joined together to wish Leigh Griffiths well in dealing with his 'ongoing issues'.

Leigh Griffiths has had messages of support from Hearts and Hibs fans. Picture: SNS/Sammy Turner.
Leigh Griffiths has had messages of support from Hearts and Hibs fans. Picture: SNS/Sammy Turner.

The Celtic and Scotland striker is taking a break from the game as he seeks to “find the consistent happiness that allows him to then progress” according to Brendan Rodgers.

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Hibs sent their message if support on Wednesday telling their former striker that: “We’re all with you, Leigh.”

Leigh Griffiths has had messages of support from Hearts and Hibs fans. Picture: SNS/Sammy Turner.

Fans from both Capital Premiership sides showed their support for Griffiths.

Ryan Oneil: “hope you make a speedy recovery and get well soon Stay Strong Legend.”

Gerrard Corrigan: “Your one of our own and we are 100% behind you Leigh.”

Brian Barry Houston: “Get your mind right mate and come back and be Scotland hero again.”

Stephen Young: “You will come out of this stronger and well done for finding the strength to ask for help you might give other people the strength to do the same.”

Colin Inglis: “All Hibernian supporters are with you super Leigh once a Hibby always a Hibby.”

Machair Peverel: “Always has been and always will be one of our own.”

@maroonspecs: “If you see a story about a footballer going through personal problems, be it drugs, gambling or whatever, and you see it as an opportunity to point score, you’re a moron and would be well advised to delete your account. Hope Leigh Griffiths gets the help and support he needs.”

@DuncMcKay: “Hope Leigh Griffiths finds happiness. That’s the be all and end all.”

@ohjawbone: “Leigh Griffiths helps show that footballers are just human. Trying to do their jobs with ups and downs. That’s why initiatives such as @SAMHtweets The Changing Room at @HibernianFC & @JamTarts are so important. Everyone has mental health and it’s okay not to feel okay.”

@mrewanmurray: “Hope Leigh Griffiths gets the time and support he needs before coming out the other side. Footballers aren’t immune to problems that affect everyone else: in many ways, they are more susceptible. A positive that he is getting help. Also, kudos to Brendan Rodgers... who spoke exceptionally well re Leigh Griffiths. Great to see football fans across Scotland wish the guy well. It’s only a game, football rivalry is only that. More important things.”

@SHibs1875: “You’re a top player and person just get back doing what you are good at ASAP.”

@AthenryHibee: “We all love you Leigh #WeAreAllLeighGriffiths”

@Hugo_1875: “All the best to you wee man. You’ll be back better than ever

@RFBorthwick: “Mental health is an issue that is never off the table. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, where you come from - it can affect anyone at any time. Hopefully Leigh Griffiths gets the support he needs and gets back to playing football when he’s ready for it.”

@HFCTransferNews: “Good luck & best wishes to one of our own Leigh Griffiths who is taking a (temporary) break from football to deal with some issues. We’re all behind you Sparky. Once a Hibee, always a Hibee. Will always be thought of as one of us.”

@InsideEasterRd: “Leigh Griffiths doesn’t play for us. However, he will always be one of us. He’s currently going through a tough time with certain issues. Subsequently, he’s taking a break from football. All of us within your Hibs family extend our love and best wishes to you Leigh.”

@HeartsRant: “I’ve criticised Leigh Griffiths on here over the years for some of his behaviour, but absolutely none of that matters when he’s battling issues with gambling and his mental health. None of it. I wish him all the best as he battles through his current predicament. Get well soon.”

A former Hearts player as well as a Celtic legend both backed the player’s decision.

@Tony_Watt7: “Hope Griffiths gets all the help he needs. Amazing management from Rodgers. Had a lot of help in the past if I ever struggled. Russel Slade being probably the best. Saved my career. Health is most important and your brain is a dangerous thing! He’ll come back even stronger.”

@JohnHartson10: “This is not about Leigh Griffiths football.. this is more for Leigh’s peace of mind and the rest of his life, if I can be of any help or guidance for Leigh then I’m prepared to help in any way. Celtic as a club know this.”

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